Azad Kashmir Tour Packages from Islamabad

Azad Kashmir tour packages 2024 are Rs.14,900 to Rs.17,900 (Azad Kashmir Tour Package) vacation trips & holiday package from Islamabad. So, we offers best 2, ,3, 4, and 5 days Azad Kashmir travel package from Islamabad & Rawalpindi perfect for traveller and families at lower prices. You will cover the lovely attractions with including accommodations, meals, local guide, days trips, transportation with trek experience. Usually, you can avail Islamabad & Rawalpindi to Azad Kashmir Trip Packages with amazing deals & up-to 20% discount. Therefore, we are offering best trekking trips & sightseeing tours to cover all tourist attractions to explore in Kashmir.
Leisure Travel Package
3 Days Tour to Azad Kashmir

3 Days Tour Package to Azad Kashmir Arang Kel Kutton

3 Days 2 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 16,000PKR: 13,500
(1 Review)
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Trekking Tour
Ratti gali kashmir trip from Lahore

3 Days Tour Package to Ratti Gali Lake from Lahore Islamabad

3 Days 2 Nights

Standard & Camping Package

1 Hour Beautiful Trekking Route

Jeep Safari to Base Camp

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 17,000PKR: 14,500
(1 Review)
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Less Cost Package
3 Days Trip to Neelum Valley

3 Days Trip Package to Neelum Valley Pakistan

3 Days 2 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 14,500PKR: 13,500
(1 Review)
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Perfect Getaway
Holidays to Neelum Valley Kashmir

4 Days Tour Package to Toli Peer Banjosa Lake Rawalakot

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Jeep Safari to Arang Kel

Couple Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 95,000PKR: 88,000
(1 Review)
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Family Getaway

4 Days Travel Package to Neelum Valley Baboon Top

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Perfect for Family Photography

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 54,000
(1 Review)
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Group Tour
trip to azad kashmir neelum valley

4 Days Trip to Arang Kel Taobat Kashmir Package

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore Beautiful Attractions

Jeep Ride with Night Stay

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 22,000PKR: 19,500
(1 Review)
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from Islamabad Package
travel package to murree neelum valley

4 Days Trip to Muzaffarabad Pir Chinasi Ganga Choti

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

Departure from Lahore Islamabad

FromPKR: 85,000PKR: 80,000
(1 Review)
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Eco Travel Package
vacation package to azad kashmir

4 Days Vacation Package to Ratti Gali Lake Arang Kel

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Best Nature Trekking Experience

Jeep Ride to both Locations

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 22,000PKR: 19,500
(1 Review)
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Perfect Honeymoon Trip

5 Days Couple Tour to Kashmir from Islamabad Lahore

5 Days 4 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore Lovely Places

Family Best Experience

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 64,000
(1 Review)
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Most Selling Package

5 Days Holiday Package to Murree & Azad Kashmir

5 Days 4 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

Departure from Lahore Islamabad

FromPKR: 95,000PKR: 88,000
(1 Review)
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Best Tour Package
Ratti Gali Kashmir vacation package

5 Days Travel Package to Arang Kel Taobat Ratti Gali

5 Days 4 Nights

Standard & Budgeted Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Jeep Safari + Short Trekking

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 55,000PKR: 44,000
(1 Review)
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Best Trip
Kashmir tour package from Karachi

7 Days Ratti Gali Arang Kel Tour Package from Karachi

7 Days 6 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Adventurous Jeep Safari Included

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 45,000PKR: 40,000
(1 Review)
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Kashmir Trips Packages from Islamabad

Kashmir tour package from Islamabad

5 Days All Kashmir Tour Package from Islamabad

3 Days Islamabad to Ratti Gali Kashmir Trip Package

4 Days Kashmir Arang Kel Tour Package from Islamabad

3 Days Neelum Valley Kashmir Travel Package Islamabad

4 Days Taobat Arang Kel Tour Package from Islamabad

4 Days Ratti Baboon Neelum Kashmir Tour Package

5 Days Taobat Arang Ratti Kashmir Tour Package

4 Days Pir Chinasi Arang Kel Kashmir Trip Package

3 Days Toli Peer Banjosa Lake Travel Package

4 Days Baboon Meadows Arang Kel Tour Package

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Places to Visit in Azad Kashmir Tour Packages:

  • Neelum Valley
  • Upper Neelum
  • Kutton Waterfall
  • Dhani Waterfall
  • Sharda Valley
  • Neelum River
  • Line of Control
  • Kel
  • Waterfalls
  • Lakes
  • Chair lift
  • Arang Kel
  • Keran LOC
  • Peer Chanasi
  • Toli peer
  • Rawalakot
  • Panjpeer Rocks
  • Ganga Choti
  • Baboon Meadows
  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Many Spectacular Places

Azad Kashmir Tours Highlights:

  • Explore Azad Kashmir
  • Trek to Upper Neelum
  • Visit majestic Kutton Waterfall
  • Stay at Dhani Waterfall in Trip
  • Explore Sharda Historical sites
  • Mountainous Neelum River Travel
  • Line of Control Experience
  • 3 hours Jeep Ride to scenic Kel
  • Travel to crossover Waterfalls
  • Thrilling Chair lift (Doli) Ride
  • Short Trek to Arang Kel
  • Visit paradisiac Keran LOC
  • Journey towards Taobat Village
  • Take a deep breath in Nature
  • Sightseeing of Peer Chanasi
  • Spectacular view of lush green Tolipeer
  • Breathtaking Rawalakot Excursion
  • Desolate towering Panjpeer Rocks
  • Hike to Ganga Choti in Bagh
  • Misty Meadows of Baboon Valley
  • Cover all Azad Kashmir heavenly points
  • Many more spectacular tourist attractions

Azad Kashmir Tour Packages 2024 Overview:

Kashmir simply trumps it all, heaven indeed, totally green; everything just finds a reason to be green and then greener. It gets more beautiful further in one goes, Neelum valley. The road up to Keran and upper Neelum is very good, just a few bad patches here and there. Just 7 hours from Capital City makes it even more interesting. There are a lot of beautiful travelers destinations for travelers to explore in Azad Kashmir. Most of the sites reside in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir. In Azad Kashmir trips packages, Pakistan, has many things to offer its tourists:

  • Lush green valleys
  • Dense alpine forests
  • Mighty waterfalls
  • Deep crystal-clear blue lakes
  • Lush green meadows

Azad Kashmir Exploration Trips:

Exploring Kashmir was a very different and beautiful experience which I plan to do again sometime in future. Love the beauty of the mountains where there are different shades of brown topped up with white layers of snow. Pictures cannot do justice to the beauty which one can see with their own eyes . But sharing some of the pictures as I wanted to share with you all your best experience.

Jeep Ride Packages to Kel Valley:

From Kel, you either start hiking or take a chairlift. Hiking without a chairlift takes about 45 minutes, depending on the physical fitness and stamina of hikers. You can hire a local guide or porter to assist your family in trekking up to the Arang Kel in Azad Kashmir trips packages 2024. 

Arang Kel Kashmir Trek Packages:

It’s located on the other side of the river and includes a chairlift (Doli) ride and 1-hour hike. People offer guidance, walking sticks, Water and beverages and help on Arang Kel side. There is an alternate route if someone wants to avoid this path. Take the road, cross the bridge and reach Arang Kel in Kashmir trips. It takes almost 4 hours. A horse-riding option is available on this route. The village is beautiful, so it is recommended that you stay here instead, Kel.

Azad Kashmir Activities Tours:

It’s a 30-45 minutes treks from Kel. An alternate route to Arang Kel from Kel is through an army-made chairlift from above the river. Lush green. Mountains covered with snow and a vast area to explore in Kashmir Tours. Activities include camping, bonfire, horse riding, and hiking included in Azad Kashmir tour packages 2023 with 2, 3, 4, and 5 days travel.

Ratti Gali Lake Tour Packages:

Ratti Gali Lake is located in the Neelum valley, the most beautiful valley throughout Azad Kashmir. Tourists can explore the lush green valleys and fields near the lake in the summer season. In contrast, during the winter, the Ratti Gali Lake tour offers tourists the experience of snowfall and freezing temperatures. For this, tourists often take local transport or jeep ride to explore the lake and surrounding areas. 2-hour jeep drive from Dowarian to Ratti Gali Base Camp. Easy trekking of 1 hour is required to cover the distance from Base Camp to Ratti Gali Lake. Tourists can find the best and most well-established hotels to spend nights safely while travelling. Moreover, you can avail yourself of the opportunities to discover camps there. So, you can also visit another gorgeous place, Ratti Gali base camp, where you can spend your sweetest time on Ratti Gali Lake.

Jeep Safari to Kel & Taobat Valley:

The northern areas of Pakistan are full of attractive tourist places to explore, and no doubt Azad Kashmir is one of them. Nestled in the majestic Himalayas ranges, it offers travelers the most remarkable stretch to explore nature. Currently, Pakistan has a thriving tourism industry, offering clients a perfect Kashmir trip. As a result of its border with Indian-occupied Kashmir, Neelam Valley plays a significant role on the Pakistani map; the area’s breathtaking landscape and pleasant climate make it a vibrant cultural spot as well. Azad Kashmir offers Ratti Gali Lake Tours, Neelum Valley trips, Kutton Jagran district exploration, and cozy accommodation in Keran Resorts across the Indian border, Taobat, and Sharda.

All Tourist Attractions of AJK Packages:

Aside from this, the upper part of Azad Kashmir, including Kel, Arang Kel, Halmat, and Taobat, has always attracted tourists. Additionally, there are Banjosa Lake, Ratti Lake near Kutton Jagran, Kutton Valley, Shardha Valley, Kel, Arang Kel, and Taobat, an absolutely beautiful village. Summer attracts many customers from all over Pakistan to explore every part of Azad Kashmir with quality services and lower prices. Tourism in Azad Kashmir adds prosperity to the lives of the locals since tourism plays an important role in every aspect of the local economy. The tourist industry is constantly emerging with new hotels equipped with modern amenities.

Magnificent Tours to Pir Chinasi:

At the top of the mountain, approximately 9,400 feet (2,850 meters), Pir Chinasi is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Generally, driving around 30 kilometers in Azad Kashmir takes around one and a half hours from the capital city of Muzaffarabad. A metaled road leads to this point in Azad Kashmir with some magnificent views of the Azad Kashmir mountains.

Family Tour Plans for Tolipeer: 

Moreover, Azad Kashmir of Pakistan has an amazing landscape, which includes lush green meadows, alpine lakes, and high peak clads. Tolipeer is the best for those who want to relish the tranquility of nature in a smooth traveling experience. The Azad Kashmir region is also excellent for hiking, trekking, camping, and sightseeing trips on different levels, including easy to moderate.

Baboon Valley Local Guided Tour:

One of the most captivating valleys of Azad Kashmir is Baboon Meadows. One can cross through Upper Neelum Valley towards Baboon Meadows via Kutton using a pass by short trekking after a thrilling Jeep safari. To reach this marvelous valley, one has to hire a jeep from Kutton village for around 3 to 4 hours of the off-road ride, which costs you around Rs.12,000 – Rs.14,000 for a round trip. In the valley, there is a small but marvelous lake, Baboon Lake. One can go on sightseeing tours in this beautiful while traveling to Azad Kashmir Trips. Moreover, travelers have to go camping under the Million Stars Galaxy as there are no accommodations over there.

Azad Kashmir Tour Plan


Day 1: Departure for Azad Kashmir Tour - 9 hours drive

  • 06:30 am – Travel towards Azad Kashmir
  • 10:30 am – Refreshment stay at Muzaffarabad Kashmir
  • 12:30 pm – Visit Dhani Waterfall on the way
  • Travel along Neelum River throughout the journey
  • 02:30 pm – Photography stop at Chilhaana (LOC)
  • 03:30 am – Short Stopover at Keran for rest
  • Continue travel towards Sharda
  • 05:00 pm – Reach Sharda by evening and transfer to Hotel
  • 08:00 pm – Dinner and overnight stay in Sharda

Day 2: Road Travel from Sharda to Taobat Excursion

  • 08:00 am – breakfast, check out, and departure for Taobat
  • 09:00 am – Transfer to 4 x 4 Jeeps due to off-road track
  • Photography stop during travelling for 1 hour
  • 12:00 pm – Sightseeing of Halmat / Gurez Valley
  • 03:00 pm – Reach Taobat and transfer to Hotel
  • 04:00 pm – Explore surroundings of Taobat Village
  • 08:00 pm – Dinner and overnight stay in Taobat

Day 3: Doli Ride & 45 minutes Trek to Arang Kel

  • 08:00 am – Breakfast, travel back to Arang Kel
  • 11:00 am – Reach Kel after 3 hours drive
  • 01:00 pm – Take a dolly ride from Kel to Base of Arang Kel
  • 34 – 45 minutes short trek to Arang Kel Kashmir
  • 02:00 pm – Take a cup of Tea at Arang Kel with photography
  • 05:00 pm – Check in Hotel in evening
  • 08:00 pm – Dinner and overnight stay in Arang Kel

Day 4: Journey from Arang Kel to Keran Valley

  • Breakfast call 8:30 am, check out hotel
  • 9:30 am – Departure for Keran Valley via Kel-Sharda route
  • 12:30 pm – Visit Dowarian and Sharda Local Market
  • 02:00 pm – Explore Sharda with Azad Kashmir excursion
  • 03:00 pm – Short refreshment stays on the way
  • 05:00 pm – Reach Keran in evening
  • 08:00 pm – Dinner and overnight stay in Keran

Day 5: Drive towards Ratti Gali Lake on 4 x 4 Jeeps

  • Breakfast call 7:30 am, day trip of Ratti Gali Lake
  • 08:30 am – Reach dowarian and board on 4 x 4 Jeeps
  • Cover the Azad Kashmir off-road track in 2 – 3 hours
  • 12:00 pm – Reach Ratti Gali Lake Base Camp
  • Sightseeing of many waterfall en-route to Lake
  • 45 – 53 minutes short trek to Ratti Gali Lake
  • 02:00 pm – Visit Ratti Gali Lake with photography sessions
  • 08:00 pm – Travel back to Keran Hotel by evening
  • 09:00 pm – Dinner and night stay in Keran Kashmir

Day 6: Drive Back to Home after Memorable Tour

  • 8:30 am – Breakfast, departure for Islamabad
  • 09:00 am – Visit Kutton Waterfall (Largest waterfall of Kashmir)
  • Short refreshment stops on the way
  • 06:50 pm – Reach Islamabad by evening
  • End of services for Islamabad Package members
  • Night stay in Islamabad for Karachi members
  • 11:30 pm – Reach Lahore late at night
  • End of the memorable Azad Kashmir trip


Frequently Asked Questions

Which SIM card is used in Kashmir?

There are no telecommunication services in Azad Kashmir due to LOC. SCOM local SIM is used for communication & internet services for the Azad Kashmir Region. You can get the SIM from Muzaffarabad, Athmuqaam, or Sharda quickly.

How many Lakes are in Azad Kashmir?

There are many beautiful and crystal clear lakes in Azad Kashmir. The most visited lakes are following:

  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Chitta Katha Lake
  • Patlian Lake
  • Saral Lake
  • Kalasar Lake

Are good hotels available in Kashmir Pakistan?

Various hotels are available in Azad Kashmir to accommodate families and groups. Tourists can acquire Standard and Deluxe rooms according to their budgets and services.

How much distance from Islamabad to Azad Kashmir?

Kashmir is located in northern Pakistan, almost 300 km away from Islamabad. So, it takes 7 to 8 hours by road drive to reach Kashmir, with short refreshments and sightseeing stays on the way. Then, there are many trekking and jeep routes to see the beautiful destinations.

How many days are enough to visit Kashmir from Islamabad?

How many days are sufficient for Kashmir? 4 to 5 days are enough to visit the main tourist attractions of Azad Kashmir. You can easily cover all the major sightseeing points like Sharda, Kel, Arang Kel, Ratti Gali Lake, Taobat, Keran, and many more in 6 days. You can also indulge in activities like trekking, jeep safari, and boating at River. We also have 3, 4, and 5-day group and private Kashmir tour packages from Islamabad.

How to reach Azad Kashmir from Islamabad?

Traveling by bus from Islamabad to Kashmir is an economical and efficient way to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Azad Kashmir. But these buses are uncomfortable and drive harshly in hilly areas. Bus tickets are generally less expensive but not recommended for families and couples. You can join our group tour or select any option from our Kashmir Tour Packages from Islamabad for a memorable journey and unforgettable experience. You can be sure you’ll enjoy a safe and comfortable ride, take in breathtaking views of Kashmir’s verdant lands, have time to explore important historical landmarks, and save money on your travel costs

Which is the best time to explore Kashmir?

Tourists love to visit in summer to beat the heat, and winter offers a treat to the eyes. Kashmir has dual beauty in both seasons and remains open all year. However, if you want to see the true colors of Azad Kashmir, you should visit Azad Kashmir from April to October. Kashmir is also the perfect destination for honeymoon couples in winter. Lush green meadows and gushing streams are waiting for you in summer. On the contrary, white snow has its charm for nature lovers and adventurers.

How to Plan a 5 to 3-Days trips to Kashmir?

  • Day 1: Departure from Islamabad in morning
  • Day 2: Reach Keran or Sharda in evening
  • Day 3: Visit Toabat & Arang Kel
  • Day 4: Visit Ratti Gali Lake
  • Day 5: Back to Islamabad

How much a trip to Kashmir will cost?

Get Azad Kashmir tour packages Rs.14,500 – Rs.16,500 per person (3-day Kashmir Tour Package) group vacation trips from Rawalpindi & Islamabad. Moreover, In Kashmir AJK tour packages, trips price start from Rs.33,000 – Rs.35,000 (Azad Kashmir Tour Package) & Rs.45,000 to Rs.55,000 (Deluxe Tour Package) in group tour plan. Private families tour packages to Azad Kashmir ranges Rs.75,000, Rs.85,000, Rs.95,000, Rs.110,000, and Rs.125,000 (2-3-Person Package). 10% to 15% more discount available if you are more than ten travellers. For more information and Booking, contact (+92) 321-8897336.